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Your home | Your supplies (or add on materials) | Your schedule


Our same amazing artists instructing you!

Paint from the comfort of your own home with your own supplies, or choose to add on materials and we'll put a kit together for you!


How it works: 

  1. Make your reservation online.

  2. The link to your pre-recorded video instruction will be emailed to you.

  3. Follow along with the video as one of our artists guides you through creating your beautiful artwork.

Videos are about 1hr long. Most artwork can be completed in 1-2hrs, pausing the video as needed.

What's not included:


Water jar

What's included:

Link to pre-recorded

video instruction by

one of our artists

Add on materials (for pick up or delivery):


Paint needed to complete your artwork

Paper towels

Disposable aprons

You can add on brushes for an additional $5 if you do not have some at home.

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