This is essentially Open Paint via reservation.

We are accepting walk ins, but we recommend reservations to guarantee your seat.

How it works:

1. Make your reservation online. Everyone in your party must have a reservation even if they do not plan on painting, due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions.

2. The $5 reservation fee reserves one seat. If that person paints, the $5 applies to the cost of the items they choose.

If that person does not paint, their reservation fee reserves their seat and cannot be applied to items for others.

3. You are reserving a 2hr or 3hr time slot.

In order to accommodate additional painters, we will not be able to extend your time past your reservation.


4. During Freestyle Studio you can choose from canvasses, ceramics, wood, or glass items.

5. Freestyle Studio is similar to our normal Open Paint hours—it’s the closest we could offer while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions.


6. Freestyle Studio is limited to 5 painters per time slot. If you have a group larger than 5, please contact us about booking a private event—we can accommodate private freestyle time where everyone in your group can choose what they would like to paint.

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