Kids Art Camp

1. Make a reservation for your child

   (ages 6+) online. 

2. Bring a sack lunch & drink. Full Day        campers will need a snack.

3. Arrive 5-10 minutes before camp

    to sign in. 

4. Our artists will guide your child

    through creating 2 art projects of

    his/her choosing for the first half

    of the day.

5. Full Day campers will take a 45

    minute break where they can

    choose various games to exert some      energy.


All Kids get to choose from: 
- large canvas 
- small canvas 
- ceramics 
- wood items 


Full Day campers will do a 3rd project--a small canvas with fluorescent paint!

Full Day Camp: 10-3, $60

Half Day Camp: 10-1, $45

Full Day Full Week Camp: $275

Half Day Full Week Camp: $198


Camp Site 1_edited.jpg
Camp Site 2.jpg

Did you know?...

Our Kids Art Camps are based on 3 main principles:

1. Fun
2. Freedom
3. Responsibility


- Your child has the freedom to paint projects of

  his/her choice every day of camp.

- Under the guidance of our staff, each camper is

  responsible for setting up his/her space so that they

  have a sense of ownership in the creative process

  from start to finish.

- We encourage campers to have fun with colors and

  to think outside the box to add unique details to

  their artwork.

- Our recommended ages are 6-15, but we are

  flexible on a case by case basis. We want to help as

  many kids as possible to grow as artists.

- Have questions? Please ask!